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Shire Waterbed Service

Competition pricing

The products offered by Shire Waterbed Service are of the highest quality.

Compare a Bentley and a Hyundai. Both will get you to the shops or work, but one will last longer and be more reliable than the other. The same can be said about the products that Shire Waterbed Service offers.

Dunlop foam: 10 year warranty with Merix attached. If you read or are told that Merix is not required in the foam bath, you are hearing that from a source that does not offer service. They haven't seen a foam bath that is 4 - 6 years old after surviving with a half of ton of water pushed against the sides 24 / 7.

Would you prefer a Clipper Bag Liner OR a sheet of plastic that you tuck along the sides?
Clipper Bladders feature the 'V' seam and twice the warranty of any other manufacture. We don't offer 300 grams of fibre per layer but instead 520 / 40 denier fibre per layer.

Would you prefer a drawer base which is sold at Harvey Norman, Domayne, 40 Winks, Beds-R-Us, Snooze OR made in the shed out back.

We understand there are times when money is tight and discount items are all that you can afford at the time. Shire Waterbed Service will match or beat any competitor's published prices for the same or similar product. And you won't miss out on the quality service we offer.

NB: Products sold by Shire Waterbed Service do not apply with this offer

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