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Shire Waterbed Service

Dream Merchant

Soft Sided Upholstered Base WITH DRAWERS on Castors

Split base offers the opportunity to access upstairs bedrooms and elevators Drawers are located at the foot end which will allow room at the head to accompany bedside tables Wide drawer with attractive modern handles with matching fabric strap Interior measurements: 560mm deep x 560mm wide x 200mm high Drawer bases are upholstered using the finest fabric by Warwick Fabrics Dream Merchant with 'FINN' bedhead As seen on 'BETTER HOMES & GARDENS' August 2014

Impressions Range (bladders have 4 year warranty)
Item Single Super
/ Queen
FULL FLOAT 3,200.00 3,350.00 3,475.00 3,700.00
2F 1040 GRAMS 3,345.00 3,445.00 3,595.00 3,850.00
3F 1560 GRAMS 3,400.00 3,500.00 3,650.00 3,900.00
FOAMWAY     3,790.00 3,995.00


Twin Bladders / Add to Above Prices $495.00
(Twin Liner, Foam Wedge, Extra Heater plus extra on Bladders)

Plus Delivery and Installation $145.00*
* zoned areas tolls & mileage extra.

Essenze Chocolates

Included with all delivery and installations

All prices are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST

* Prices as at 1 July 2022. All prices subject to change without notice.

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